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Earth observations

What will be the state of our territories, cities, and infrastructures by 2050? At Resallience, we have the answer.

Satellite images and risk mapping

To simulate a predictive model, we have created a dedicated digital platform. These progressive simulations are based on meteorological data and imagery and geospatial data.

This information is continuously updated thanks to our specialized partners in spatial imagery such as the CNES (National Center for Space Studies), the SCO or the LSCE (CEA).

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Using and processing these satellite data enables us to:

  • Identify the research areas of the different projects,
  • Identify the level of resilience of the infrastructures by 2050 as well as their vulnerability,
  • Visualize the temperature evolution in the short and long term,
  • Identify the impact of climatic hazards (wildfires and fires, floods and coastal evolutions) at different times,
  • Monitor and receive individualized alarms at the scale of a building or of a territory.

By using our expertise in processing geospatial data, we draw the vulnerability map of an infrastructure, a building, a neighborhood , a city, or a territory, regardless of its geographic location.

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Besides, we also assess the impact of the climatic risks, while taking into account the interdependence of the built environment. Our clients then have a list of concrete actions to deal with crises and shortages in case of climatic catastrophes.

Thanks to our digital tools and solutions dedicated to climatic resilience, our simulations are easily accessible and usable by our clients.

The preferential access to data and solutions of the space sector enables us to observe and follow assets, territories, cities, and natural habitats worldwide.

Our practical solutions

Our references

They trust us with their projects to move toward resilient, efficient, and sustainable solutions:

3D experience

2019 | Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo

Preliminary diagnosis of La Isabela International Airport’s vulnerability to climate risks

Infrastructure operator

Key words :
Vulnerability assessment, GIS, Exposure, Transport, Aviation

2019 | Cambodia – Sihanoukville

Counter-study on marine submersion and flooding of Sihanoukville Airport

Client: Cambodia Airports
Infrastructure operator

Key words :
Flood, Submersion, Airport, Transport, Hydraulic

2020 | Greece – Patras-Pyrgos

Risks and impacts assessment related to climate change along Patras-Pyrgos road infrastructure: PAPY Project

Client: Olympia Odos
Infrastructure Operator

Key words :
GIS, Transport, Road, Vulnerability assessment, Flood, Heatwave

2021-2023 | Sénégal – Saint-Louis

Labelled project SCO (Space Climate Observatory financed by CNES National Centre for Space Studies and UNDP) – OISSEL project: Development of Multi-Satellite and Socio-economic tool and cross-indicators for monitoring hazards and risks in coastal environments and strengthening their resilience to climate change. Example of the Saint Louis coastline in Senegal

Client: SCO & PNUD
Institutional founder

Key words :
Coastal, Climate indicators, Vulnerability assessment, Resilient cities, Urban

2021-2022 | France – Paris

Diagnosis of Employee Access Sites vulnerability from the Department of Real Estate, Logistics and Transport of the City of Paris exposed to flood risk

Client: Ville de Paris
Local government and administration city

Key words :
Vulnerability assessment, Flood, Adaptation solutions, Building, Critical infrastructure

2021-2022 | Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou

Use of digital technologies to develop a methodology to increase climate resilience in the city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso through nature-based solutions

Client: ONU
Institutional founder

Key words :
Urban mobility, Resilient cities, Nature-based solutions, GIS, Adaptation solutions

2021 – 2022 | Morocco – Casablanca

Training modules for the Master 2 VHDD (Inherited City and Sustainable Development) on the theme “Infrastructure and urban innovation”

Client: Ecole d’Architecture et de Paysage de Casablanca
Public institution

Key words :
Capacity building, Training, Urban resilience, Infrastructure

2022 | Madagascar – Fianarantsoa

MadAtlas Project: Digital mapping and land use planning in partnership with the Universities of Fianarantsoa, Gustave Eiffel and Bordeaux Montaigne

Client: AFD
Institutional founder

Key words :
Capacity building, Training, Digital, Multisectoral

2022 | France – Corse

Forest fire risk analysis for 2050 and recommendations for adaptation measures

Client: VINCI Energies
Construction / Industrial

Key words :
Forest fire, Adaptation solutions

2022 | Vietnam – Hanoï

DRM Hanoï Line 5 – Enhancing Disaster Risk Management for Hanoi Metro Line 5. Vulnerability analysis and resilience improvement of the line and capacity building for Vietnamese officials

Client: EGIS

Key words :
Transport, Subway, Vulnerability assessment, Capacity building

2022 | Cameroon – Douala

Resilient mass transit infrastructure in Douala

Client: Banque Mondiale
Institutional founder

Key words :
Transport, Urban mobility, Resilient cities, Flood, Vulnerability assessment, Design projects

2022-2023 | Morocco – Tétouan

Adaptation and urban climate resilience of the city of Tétouan

Client: ALINEA
Institutional founder

Key words :
Resilient cities, Adaptation solutions, Climate, Finance, Stress test, GIS

2022 – 2023 | France – Tulle, Avignon, Nantes

Development of a Resilience Performance Assessment of optical fiber networks in 3 French department (Corrèze, Vaucluse, Loire-Atlantique) for a French optical fiber operator

Client: AXIONE
Infrastructure Operator

Key words :
Energy, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Climate vulnerability, Climate modelling

2022 | Philippines – Boracay

Damage assessment, resilience, and sustainability study for Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan

Client: IFC
Institutional founder

Key words :
Infrastructure, Adaptation solutions, Climate modelling, SDGs

2022 | Barbados

Upgrade of the Barbados Resilient infrastructure platform

Client: IFC
Institutional founder

Key words :
GIS, Systemic resilience, Critical infrastructure, Natural hazards, Stress test, Climate, Finance

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