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Our systemic approach and resilient solutions to address climate stakes

At its core, Resallience is a company with a high positive impact to counter climate risks. We are an initiative-taking actor who speeds up the assimilation of resilience challenges.

A bijective approach based on technical capabilities…

Construction, civil engineering, developing, urban planning or the preservation and management of natural resources, our approach is integrative and systemic.

Our technical and financial solutions are efficient. Because we understand the constraints of our clients, our plans of action are operational and suitable to their needs.

Thanks to our partnerships with players of the climate sector such as the CNES, SCO or LSCE (CEA), we have access to accurate data from the economic and social sciences and the earth and climate sciences, as well as to technologies and solutions from the space sector.

This synergy enables us to integrate the risk factor in all our simulations. It is how we conduct a vulnerability assessment at different times, for our solutions of land use planning, cities and infrastructures transformation and development.

In practical terms, we support various trades to introduce the climate change factor into the construction and operation of their infrastructures. For example, we can make sure that a hospital, an airport, or a highway stays functional even in the event of a climate-related catastrophe.

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… And the strength of a team

Besides the technical expertise, we also have the asset of our multidisciplinary and dynamic team.

Our collaborators use their specific technical, scientific, and cultural knowledge to offer our clients a participatory support.

By working with Resallience, you can be assured that you are offered efficient and individualized solutions.

Our project managers take part in the systemic vision of Resallience to face the climate challenges. They support our French and international clients in their adaptation process.

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Innovation at the heart of resilience

This technical diversity is a major asset. We use it to predict the climate evolutions by adding uncertainty and variability parameters. We focus on potential crisis scenarios in the short and long term.

This method outperforms the data returned by the national weather services.

We establish the costs of physical, socio-economic, environmental, and human damages as well as the operating and extra-financial costs after a climate disaster.

The geographic location of our clients is also considered in our systemic approach. Indeed, we are aware that climate change impacts territories in a differentiated manner. We intervene during the whole project’s lifespan, regardless of the geography or the climatic conditions.

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Do you need help in understanding the impacts of climate change on your project? Would you like to find solutions to increase the resilience of your area or assets to climate change? Do you want to make climate-informed investments?

Feel free to tell us more your needs. Our experts will know how to help and advice you in the course of your project.

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