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When our clients cannot quantify the climatic impact on their activities in the medium and long term, they become vulnerable.

Whether they are public or private actors or community representatives, they most often don’t have the tools nor the capacity to determine by themselves the risks and the ROI related to climate change on their project.

To help them, Resallience became the first research office entirely dedicated to the resilience of cities, territories, infrastructures.

Our services to face the consequences of global warming

Civil engineering, climate and environmental sciences, urban planning, land use planning, geography, humanities, energy, resource management… Our scope of application is diverse.

Thanks to our expertise and our cross-functional knowledge, we offer concrete and innovating solutions to our clients to help them face climate change.

These solutions are for all stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in land use planning.

Coastal areas, rural zones or urban regions, we take action regardless of your geographic location or type of infrastructure.

Advice and support

Finance, insurance, construction, operation, land use planning… each of our clients has their own issues. In France and abroad, we offer them resilient solutions adapted to their needs.

Our consulting offers

Predictive analysis and modeling of climate risks

Our predictive and financial modeling solutions allow us to measure the impact of different climate scenarios in the short and long term. By anticipating risks, our clients’ assets and investments are protected.

Our predictive analyses

Integrated engineering

Simple or complex, short or long term, we participate in any type of project. Our integrated engineering solutions and our self-learning digital tools allow us to manage projects in the development phase, during construction or during their operating phase.

Our integrated engineering offers

Earth observation

Evolution of coastal areas, impact of forest fires on road networks… to simulate different climate scenarios, we use precise satellite and climate data. We model for our clients the interdependence of their infrastructures, the domino effects in the face of climatic hazards at different times. This solution allows us to help them make the right decisions.

Our spatial offers

Crisis management and monitoring

The RESALLIENCE team has extensive experience in terms of crisis management and emergency procedures in the face of climate change.

Our crisis management and monitoring offers

You have a project? Let's talk about it!

Do you need help in understanding the impacts of climate change on your project? Would you like to find solutions to increase the resilience of your area or assets to climate change? Do you want to make climate-informed investments?

Feel free to tell us more your needs. Our experts will know how to help and advice you in the course of your project.