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Communities and states

Climate change already impacts strongly the most fragile populations and territories. A few figures can illustrate its economic implications.

Adapting seaside cities to prevent inland and coastal flooding would cost approximately 700 billion euros per year. Not forgetting the risk of population displacement. 70% of the population worldwide would be impacted by this situation.

Today, despite the many actions to reduce greenhouse gas, experts’ predictions are becoming more frightening. Therefore, there is a growing need to adapt and climate change related impacts which is becoming increasingly important.

We need to come to term with this observation: Our economic and social activities, our landscapes, our territories and our infrastructures are vulnerable to climate disturbances.

As States and communities, you are particularly impacted by climate change. It is necessary to find fundings to plan your territories sustainability, as well as to ensure the safety and well-being of your residents.

We understand that nowadays climate change and its consequences have become an integral part of your decision process. Yet, you need to have access to the relevant information to take the climate-informed decisions.

Our solutions for states and communities

When addressing the impacts of climate change, we conceive adaptation plans and urban planning programs to avoid or limit any destruction and its resulting issues:

  • Energy supply problems;
  • Heat island phenomena;
  • Floods and risks of submersion;
  • Health and social emergencies;
  • Critical infrastructure failure;
  • Food shortage;
  • Political tensions;
  • etc.

To carry out our analyses and to propose our solutions, we need a bijective approach. It allows us to determine the interactions and the possible domino effects between infrastructures, buildings and territories.

Our solutions to support you include:

  • A risk assessment and a vulnerability assessment;
  • The identification of the various impacts of climate hazards;
  • An assessment of the domino effects at different scales;
  • The evaluation of climate change impact at different temporal scale;
  • Identify and implement cost efficient and tailored solutions such as Nature-based and hybrid Solutions,
  • A strategic plan of action to help your decision making;

With countries, communities, governmental agencies and partner scientific groups, we pool our knowledge on climate change and its consequences. Thanks to these associations, we can enhance the awareness of all players regarding the present and futures stakes of a green transition and of resilience, but also to gather worthy data for our models.

Thanks to them, we help you set the level of social acceptability of the risk and the uncertainties it entails.

Visible and measurable advantages

Flooding, landslides, heat islands, wildfires, thawing of permafrost… Extreme events are intensifying and threaten the integrity and safety of your cities and territories. Let’s act to protect them and your population.

Together, let’s transform your territories in resilient places that secure their socio-economic attractiveness and the safety of your citizens.

The suggested plan of action allows you to take an informed decisions in the fields impacted by climate change:

  • Planing of a new local urban development plan;
  • Attributing fundings for transition projects;
  • Developing of one or many mobility system(s);
  • Decision taking to protect your constituents and their life style;
  • Adapting infrastructures to guarantee their operation in case of climatic hazards;
  • Heightening the awareness of the stakeholders when addressing climate and environmental issues;
  • Reviewing space management;
  • etc.

You have a project? Let's talk about it!

Do you need help in understanding the impacts of climate change on your project? Would you like to find solutions to increase the resilience of your area or assets to climate change? Do you want to make climate-informed investments?

Feel free to tell us more your needs. Our experts will know how to help and advice you in the course of your project.